Lifemax Ablebelt

Lifemax Ablebelt

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Fashionable Indpendence.  

The Ablebelt allows you to easily fasten or remove your belt without the need to fiddle with difficult buckles using its patented Velcro® design.

The robust, high quality finish always provides a secure fit and holds just like a normal belt. Finished in genuine leather with a generous 11/4 inch width, these stylish accessories are indistinguishable from conventional belts, so you can get dressed independently and fashionably.

Great for anyone who struggles with a conventional belt whether it be due to sight limitations or limited dexterity caused by such conditions as Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis or MS. Durable and smart, Ablebelts make the ideal gift and are the perfect solution for a wide range of people.

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Product Information:

  • Available from waist sizes: 30" up to 48"

  • Colour options:

  • Smooth Brown

  • Smooth Black

  • Textured Brown

  • Textured Black

  • Crocodile

  • Cognac

  • Strong Velcro secure

  • Ideal for people with reduced hand/wrist dexterity

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