Digital Thermometer for oral or under arm

Digital Thermometer for oral or under arm

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A digital thermometer with LCD and soft head. Gaining an accurate temperature reading has become very important. You can take temperature quickly and without discomfort. This simple to use digital thermometer comes in a clear case, is fast and provides an audible sound so you know when the temperature is ready to be assessed.

The temperature range is from 32 degrees to 42 degrees celsius.  Temperature can be taken either orally (under the tongue) or under the arm pit.  The digital thermometer comes with a battery already installed so you can use it straight out of the packet.  There is an auto shut-off function helping to maintain the battery life for a long period of time.

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  • Digital Read-out Medical Digital Thermometer comes in a Clear Case to help protect and keep it clean

  • Fast and accurate read-outs

  • Audible Sound to signify when temperature is ready to be assessed

  • The Digital Thermometer can detect high and low body temperatures to help you monitor the effectiveness of fever reducing medication

  • The body's temperature is a good measure of your general health

  • Temperature range from 32°C to 42°C

  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 degree /0.2 degree Fahrenheit

  • Can be used orally or under the armpit

  • Battery included ready to use

  • Fast read time - under 60 seconds

  • Includes auto shut-off function and LCD display

Dimensions and Technical Information:

  • Length: 12cm; width: 2cm

  • Color: blue

  • Weight: 25.8g

  • Package: pp bag via Royal Mail

  • Package includes:

  • 1 Thermometer

  • 1 User Manual

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