Celtic Wind CBD Products - 40% off promotion

Health Control is delighted to have partnered with Celtic Wind to provide you with a 40% off reduction for the next 2 months only. Get the best CBD Oil on sale now, delivered direct to your door, from Health Control. 

If you are just discovering the benefits of CBD – or if you have been using CBD products for a while –  you deserve the opportunity to try the premium CBD oil on the market and see the difference for yourself. Celtic Wind CBD is nature’s gift. Produced by a family-owned company, grown and cultivated in the Cooley Mountains of Ireland, the Celtic Wind Crops CBD Oil range is made from Irish Certified hemp, free from pesticides, herbicides and is completely non-GMO. Celtic Wind is the premium quality CBD product range.

Celtic Wind Crops CBD oil is a pure, broad spectrum, multi-complex product.  When cannabidiol oil is drawn from the Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) plant and bottled for consumption, some brands extract the CBD and combine it within another type of carrier oil for consumption. This process can change the make-up and profile of the CBD hemp oil.

Celtic Wind Crops CBD oil is different; as it is created from the whole hemp plant, ensuring that the phytocannabinoid profile is kept intact.