5.0. Under Pressure - Pressure Cushions for all?

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5.0. Under Pressure - Pressure Cushions for all?

“Pressure ulcers are a key indicator of the quality and experience of patient care. Despite progress since 2012 in the management of pressure ulcers they remain a significant healthcare problem, with over 1,300 new ulcers reported each month (Source NHS Digital) with up to 200,000 people developing a new pressure ulcer in 2017/18 (Guest et al 2017). Treating pressure ulcers costs the NHS more than £1.4 million every day (Guest et al 2017).” (The NHS Stop the Pressure website, Link to source: CLICK HERE).

Pressure cushions for all?

Pressure sores, really?  I’m only 46, surely I don’t require a pressure cushion that has been designed with the objective of reducing pressure sores and pain?  Then I started to work from home during lockdown and day after day became increasingly uncomfortable sitting at my desk.  Like many people, I have found the answer to my daily pain with a pressure cushion.

Bad posture and poor weight distribution will get you in the end.  I found myself with a range of backside, lower back, and neck pains after a few months of working from home.  I found my solution with a combination of products to make me more comfortable and help me sleep better.  A memory foam pressure cushion, a lumbar support and a memory foam pillow were the combination of products I used. 

Pressure cushions can be used for many different applications ranging from sitting to sleeping. Pressure cushions distribute pressure evenly over a surface to stop the occurrence of pressure sores. At Health Control we also stock many specialist cushions with specific cut outs targeted at problem areas, including bariatric, prostate, coccyx, bony parts, and sensitive regions.

The ring pressure cushion from Health Control being used by a lady working from home.

Pressure relief for parents

So, when my father shared his issues with discomfort due to pressure when seated, he ordered the Putnams Memory Foam Cushion from Health Control (CLICK HERE). Here’s his feedback:

“In 2010 I had a back operation to cut off a piece of my main lumbar vertebra which had slipped out of position and was pressing against two nerves. The operation was a great success and brought much relief at the time. However, I soon began to realise that my range of movement was becoming limited which, though frustrating, was quite easy to live with.

From about 2013 I began to work much more in a seated position having retired from my fulltime job as a Headmaster and had begun to work as a consultant. Before long I found that sitting for a few hours at a time was creating great stiffness in the small of my back and soreness just below that point. I would often be ‘doubled up’ for a while before being able to straighten and walk more normally. I began to look for help. I found it in a Putnam’s Memory Foam cushion from Health Control. I had tried other cushions but had been disappointed. The main difference was that the Memory Foam really spread out the concentration of weight thereby dissipating the pressure on any particular area.

I can now put in the hours without developing the discomfort.”

The pressure cushion from Health Control being used by a lady on her sofa as she holds a hot drink.

Release the pressure

There’s no point suffering in silence when comfort is only a few clicks away.  Come and discover our range of pressure cushions at Health Control: CLICK HERE. It could make a huge difference for you or a family member. 

Support your friends by making them aware of www.health-control.co.uk and the Self Care education zone (https://health-control.co.uk/blogs/self-care).

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