1. Self Care - The Health Education Zone from www.health-control.co.uk

Self Care -

1. Self Care - The Health Education Zone from www.health-control.co.uk

Welcome to ‘Self Care’ the brand-new health education zone from Health Control.


  • We have a simple aim here on Self Care:

We will empower you by providing you with a wide knowledge base of health education.  This empowerment will help you move forward more confidently in looking after your health, understanding health issues, navigating the NHS and ultimately becoming more aware of what you can do to help bring better health and happiness into your daily life.


  • Every two weeks we will share a new article for you to read and learn from.  

  • We will also share relevant stories and related product suggestions in between these articles. 


Self Care writer, Matt, who is also the founder of Health Control.  This is Matt's avatar.

  • Your blog host is Matt.  Matt is the Founder of Health Control.  Matt has worked for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies for over 20 years and has a comprehensive understanding of the NHS, a deep knowledge of a wide range of health areas including, respiratory, dental, cardio-vascular, diabetes and wound care and is connected to many working Clinicians, Life Coaches and NHS Specialists.

Who else?

  • We will be interviewing, gaining input from and videoing some of these Clinicians, Life Coaches and NHS Specialists so that you get fair, balanced, and interesting content.

What’s in it for me?

  • We all know that knowledge is power, and here, the power will be to help you make better health decisions for your own and your family’s benefit.  But, in addition to that, we are aiming to have an accredited course in the future, so that you can learn, undertake short knowledge tests, and receive a certificate and gain an accreditation.

How do I ensure that I don’t miss out?

  • Simple.  If you haven’t already subscribed to our website (by providing your email address), you can do so by registering here: https://health-control.co.uk/account/register.  This will allow us to email you every two weeks with the latest educational updates.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  Once you subscribe, you’ll be the first to get the new articles.

When do we start?

  • You’ve just begun… make sure you are subscribed, and the first email blog will be on its way to you in due course.

What should I expect?

  • Here’s the agenda for the first 6 months of the health programme – and remember, there will be lots more in-between these formal sessions:

  1. Introduction to ‘Self Care’ and the Agenda for the next 6 months.

  2. The NHS – The money flow. How funding affects how you receive care.

  3. The NHS – The structure and how this affects you and how you are cared for.

  4. The NHS – The people who care. Who’s who & what do those job titles mean?

  5. How does our NHS compare with health care in other countries?

  6. The NHS – The next few years and how the changes will affect you.

  7. What happens when I use the NHS.

  8. What to do if you have a problem with your care.

  9. The NHS and Self-Care.

  10. How can I become more empowered to manage my health?

  11. What are the main ailments to keep an eye out for as I get older?

  12. Review of the programme and what’s in store for the next 6 months…    

Thank you for joining us.  We have begun our mission to become a leader in Self Care education.  Your feedback and views will help shape our future content, so please comment below to let us know what other health related topics you want to learn about and if you are enjoying the education that we provide.

You will soon be sent Agenda Item number 2 – ‘The NHS – The money flow. How funding affects how you receive care.’  Get a clear knowledge of how the NHS is funded as this will help you understand how your own health care is paid for and what other considerations the NHS has. 

Knowledge is power! 

Stay safe and best wishes, 


Self Care writer, Matt, who is also the founder of Health Control.  This is his avatar.


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  • Robert Lennox

    A great idea. Looking forward to hearing about these topics.

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